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Leaves piling up? Leaf it to us!

Leaves Piling Up?

We want to help! We love our community, and since you are a part of that community – we love you and want to help any way we can. You can’t count on the wind to blow those dead leaves off your roof, but you can count on us!

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So, You Want A Free Roof? Here’s the truth.

Chances are good that someone will soon be knocking on your door offering a free roof inspection, and even a free roof! You heard me right – some companies tell you that they can replace your roof without it costing you a penny. It sounds like a sweet deal, but is it really?

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Bring In The Hail Cannon!

Hail cannons, yes — you heard that right. They resemble a long bull horn and generate shock waves that travel at the speed of sound. These shockwaves are supposed to disrupt the formation of hailstones in their growing phase.

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