We have had a lot of hail, heavy rain, wind, and even multiple tornados so far this year. Chances are good that someone will soon be knocking on your door offering a free roof inspection, and even a free roof! You heard me right – some companies tell you that they can replace your roof without it costing you a penny. It sounds like a sweet deal, but is it really?

How do you get a free roof? Well, your insurance company would foot the bill for the majority of the cost if the insurance adjuster found enough storm damage. The insured (that’s you) is responsible for paying the deductible, which is part of the contract you signed to obtain your insurance policy. Many contractors waive the deductible so that you pay nothing.

Did you know that waiving someone’s deductible is actually insurance fraud?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, fraud now accounts for about 10% of the property and casualty claims each year, as noted on roofing manufacturer GAF’s website blog. The insurance companies account for this fraud in their pricing. This means their prices go up to keep their losses down – and we all end up paying for these “free roofs.” 

To be honest, deductibles can only be waived if the contractor is working the numbers. even if they say it’s a discount or a limited time offer — it’s fraud. If the contractor is charging you what the insurance pays, less your deductible, they will have to lie to your insurance company about how much they charged you to get your insurance company to pay the amount agreed to on the scope of loss. 

You can ask yourself this simple question: If your contractor is willing to commit fraud and lie to your insurance company, how likely are they to do the same to you?

There are still good local companies who do things the right way — no schemes or scams. Roof Boost holds strong to our commitment to our community, employee training, and doing everything with honesty and integrity — no matter the cost. We do not offer free roofs. Nothing in life is free. What we do offer is a life-long relationship, quality workmanship, and a no sales approach. You either want a new roof or you don’t, and we do not see the appeal in pushy sales tactics. There are still good people doing good things in our community, and those are the people and companies we want to encourage and support.

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