A Word From Our Veteran

I served in the US Army from 2004 – 2014 as a Combat Engineer and Fire Fighter. I have always had a passion for helping folks who can’t help themselves and, as most of us who voluntarily enlist, running toward the danger rather than away. Since separating from Service, I have found it difficult to fill that void.

Roofing gives me a portion of that back because I get to provide the first line of defense in protecting a family’s home from the elements and keeping all the memories made inside safe. I get to maintain my attention to detail and craftsmanship in providing a strong roof while also getting to know the families for whom I provide overhead protection. Nothing will ever be the same as rolling out of the wire with my brothers and sisters in arms to do whatever I can to ensure they and America’s allies get home to their families safe — but what I am doing now is close. 

Thank you to all that served here and around the world to maintain safety and security for the ones we love. God bless everyone and Happy Veterans Day to those who have served our country and their families. 

American Veteran & Roof Boost Employee, Thomas Meldzuk

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