Choosing A Color For Your Roof

Deciding to have your roof replaced is a big deal and choosing the right color for your new roof is too! A successful exterior design depends on your taste, imagination, and ability to combine beautiful colors and accents on your home.

Having a sea of options doesn’t always make things easier, so we thought of a few tips for you to consider.
Notice how much of your roof is visible from the street or most vantage points in the neighborhood. If your roof is on the larger side, a neutral shingle color may probably look best. A neutral roof color gives you more to play with when adding color accents around your home, such as gutters, shutters, or exterior and trim paint.

You will want to use colors in the same family as the body of your home for a simple and non-accented color combination. For example, If you have a gray home, it may be best to go with gray or charcoal for the color of your roof. Then you can choose colors like white or black for your trim to help things blend while still looking interesting and put together.

If you like to be bold, go with brighter colors to make a design statement. Have a red brick home? Give Pristine Green a try! Have a gray house, as mentioned above? Check out Pristine Sunset as an option!

Re-roofing your home and getting to choose the color are things most people only do once or twice in their lifetime. It is best to follow your instinct and trust that you know the best decision for your home. Choose a roof color that makes your home feel more like home. You and your family are the ones who will be looking at it every time you pull in the driveway — so your opinion is the only one that truly matters!

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