As a child I never understood the gravity of being a father, a husband, or a man; but as I have aged, I have discovered the beautiful weight of it all. 

My father grew up without a father. He did his best to give me everything he thought a father should give. He gave me a beautifully simplistic code of conduct:

right is right and wrong is wrong

It is a truth that the world has lost sight of, one ingrained in me so deeply that my heart breaks for the state of affairs in our America and our world. 

I want nothing but the best for everyone, but the unfortunate truth is that most don’t know what is best for them. Individuals confuse power and authority with respect and appreciation. They confuse dominance for strength and compromise their entire futures for a moment of instant gratification.

I pray that one day my family and I will be able to make a more significant improvement to the world around us, but for now, the best we can do is make one choice at a time. As a man, husband, father, and business owner – with all the weight of the world spinning around me, I recognize that the only thing I can control is myself. The way I conduct my business is the same way I conduct my life: striving for excellence one step at a time.

The roof over our head is built with patience and long-suffering. It has taken time to build – with one nail and one swing of the hammer at a time. We built and continue building our business in the same way. We are a new company, making strides in an industry that has mostly gone unchanged for decades. Regardless of the world around us and the decisions of others, we will persevere and be indomitable.

I want to invite you to be a part of our family, to be a part of the positive change we wish to impart in the world. I want to personally see that the roof over your head is as unwavering as our own. I humbly invite you to reach out and consider being a part of our world.

– Hans Rosser

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